Heisman Trophy Winner , before he is about to ...

Heisman Trophy Winner , before he is about to be honored at halftime during the (Dec 23rd 07) Jaguars/Oakland game. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Any team with an established quarterback (like Brady, Brees, or Manning) should seriously consider bringing Tebow in to be their 4th quarter QB (sort of how a relief pitcher is used in baseball).  I am not saying he should be brought in as a backup quarterback.  Maybe, that might be a possibility if he gets better at throwing mechanics down the road, but I am talking about right now.  Quarterbacks, like Brady, who no longer care about statistics or breaking passing records, could play 3 quarters or until the game is under control and let Tebow come in the 4th quarter to eat up the clock.  Tebow is a good game manager and a great read option runner.  He passes well enough to keep a defense honest.  That is the best way to keep your good quarterback healthy for the next game and elongate his career.  Just put Tebow in the last quarter and let him do his read option thing with your backup offensive linemen and take time off of the clock.  During the game, a team could use Tebow’s services to do gadget plays and line him up in all sorts of formations. I just think he would make a great 4th quarter QB to ice the game and keep your starting QB and line healthy for the next game.  It would also give opposing defenses more to prepare for…  Imagine three quarters of Brady and then one punishing quarter of Tebow.