The past few weeks, I have been looking at all the different opportunities Tebow has left in the NFL.  I do not think I would be a bit bothered by him leaving the NFL, if I knew he had a real chance to make it in the NFL.  However, he has not been given much of a chance.  I see quarterbacks enter the NFL everyday that are fundamentally sound but they never seem to win.  The ability to win and make things happen when everything goes wrong is not teachable.  Some people have it and some people do not.  Tebow won with very little mechanics because he has that ability.  He would really be dangerous if he masters it all.  Fundamentals can be taught, but the intangible ability to win cannot be taught.

I know Tebow has quite a following and a media circus around him.  The only reason he has so many people following him is because we saw how great he was in college and we only wanted him to get a fair shake in the NFL.  If he was given a fair chance to compete in the NFL, we would all simply go away, but for some reason the media and many in the NFL want see him fail.  Maybe, it is because he boasts about his Christianity.  All I know is every time a Christian comes forward these days, we all have to come out and show our public support or they would get railroaded (regardless of their talent).

This brings me to my argument for the Oakland Raiders.  There are certainly places Tebow could go and contribute.  He could be a good 4th quarter QB for any team with an established quarterback.  His style would allow any team with a good quarterback to sit out the last quarter when a game needed to be put away (to eat up the clock).  However, if a team with the right components needed him as a starter, he also could be utilized in that capacity based on his current skill set.  I know he has some things to work on and things to develop, but his talents could be utilized by teams, such as Oakland and I will explain why…

Imagine having Terrelle Pryor and Tim Tebow in the same backfield for every play in the game.  You simply put both of them behind center in a “V” read option pistol formation and add Darren McFadden on either one side or the other.  The opposing defense would not know where the center was hiking the ball.  Pryor could get it on one play Or Tebow might get it on another.  Then, they would have to determine if Pryor or Tebow was going to run the ball, hand it off to McFadden, or throw it.  I could see it becoming one of the most successful run heavy offenses and one of the most conservative offenses in the NFL.  It would create a misdirection nightmare for any defense in the NFL.  Tebow has shown his ability to block, throw, or run.  Pryor has done the same.  I know it might sound crazy to have two running quarterbacks but it would create a terrible headache for defenses.  It can only happen if a team already has another running quarterback.  We all saw what the 49ers did last year, but imagine a dull threat.  Imagine having two Kaepernicks in a backfield instead of one and a defense that does not know which one will get the ball.  Only a team that is willing to think “outside the box” will continue to win.